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ChatGPT has built a working crypto wallet from scratch – and created an illustrated guide

It’s been a wild month for AI. But with all the buzz around ChatGPT you’d be forgiven for having missed one of the very first creations made using the chatbot after it was released just over a month ago, a ChatGPT crypto wallet.

In a groundbreaking move, ChatGPT created a fully functional cryptocurrency wallet from scratch. Dubbed “Atalia“, the wallet is capable of sending and receiving ETH.

The wallet was developed by Tomiwa Ademidun, a young Canadian software engineer, who has made the code available to the public on GitHub.

Not only does the code work, it even adds descriptive comments as it goes!

ChatGPT even coded more efficiently than the tutorial Ademidun used to help him give ChatGPT prompts, cutting the length of code in half!

On closer inspection, Ademidun spotted an error in the code. When he pointed the error out, ChatGPT recognized the mistake and fixed it right away!

But ChatGPT’s involvement in the project doesn’t end there. In a tweet, Ademidun revealed that he has even used the AI language model to write an illustrated guide to the newly-created wallet, with diagrams drawn by ChatGPT itself.

AI’s ability to rapidly build applications, such as a ChatGPT crypto wallet, is sure to send shockwaves through the tech industry. ChatGPT’s ability to not only develop a functional crypto wallet, but also provide clear instructions for its use, showcases the impressive capabilities of the AI model.

And if that wasn’t enough, Ademidun is now using ChatGPT to build an AI-powered YouTube transcripts search engine. It’s clear that ChatGPT is a force to be reckoned with in the world of tech and we can’t wait to see what it does next.

…And just in case this wasn’t meta enough for you already, bar a few tweaks, this article was also written by ChatGPT. The cover image for this article was created by Chat GPT’s AI-image generating brother, Dall-e-2.

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