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About Us

Our Story

Synergaize was founded by Simon Oxenham, a journalist turned marketer with a passion for viral content marketing.

We’ve been using AI-powered tools to fine tune our work for years, however the explosion of AI in recent years has allowed us to take our use of AI to new heights.

Ever since AI tools first landed on our screens, we’ve been finding out how they can help the business we work with level up their marketing efforts in ways never seen before.

AI tools are emerging everywhere but they are all useless without careful human input. When the power of AI is harnessed by experts in SEO, marketing and content virality, the possibilites of these powerful new technologies are endless.

Are you ready to join the AI train and supercharge your business?

A Human-Centered Approach

AI startups are ten-a-penny, and the use of AI is exploding at breakneck pace.

But what’s missing in the AI space is an understanding of how human inputs can interact with AI’s to create brand new content that pulls the right levers to become the highest ranking content on the web.

That’s where we come in.

A Revolution in Efficiency

AI helps us to create content to a higher standard, faster, and more efficiently than ever before, by a considerable order of magnitude.

Ahead of the Curve

61 percent of companies implemented AI in their business by 2017 and there is now an arms race to use AI to supercharge content. Don’t fall behind the curve.

Highly Skilled

We aren’t just addicted to AI. We were expert SEO analysts, marketers and copywriters long before AI came along.

Simon Oxenham