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Introducing Synergaize – synergizing human expertise with AI to rocket fuel your business

On November 30th 2022 the world changed. ChatGPT was released to the public. ChatGPT is a groundbreaking AI developed by OpenAI.

The app has grown faster than any app in history, with a million users taking it for a spin in just the first five days.

Its creations have taken social media by storm as it has wowed users with its ability to effortlessly handle tasks with astounding levels of complexity.

We may one day look back on the release of ChatGPT in the same way we look back on the splitting of the atom. After this moment, the world was never quite the same again.

The power of ChatGPT

ChatGPT has proven remarkably effective at everything from completing homework assignments to passing medical board and bar exams with flying colors. It is also an excellent coder, for example coding a working WordPress plugin on the very first try.

Its chat interface allows it to retain information and engage in communication with effectiveness that leaves earlier attempts in the dust.

It is becoming increasingly clear that AI is going to change the way the world does business from pharmaceuticals to the arts, and not least of all in the arena of marketing.

We’ve been using AI-powered tools in our day-to-day work conducting SEO and marketing for businesses for years, but the pace and scope of our use of AI are growing at an astounding rate.

AI in the hands of experts

AI tools may seem at first like they can replace expertise, however in reality they are only useful in the hands of those who know what they are doing. AI-generated work can have the illusion of sounding accurate and informed, but in fact, be heavily misleading or just plain wrong.

But properly used in the hands of experts, AI can reduce workloads and increase results by an enormous order of magnitude.

That’s why we started Synergaize.

Our mission here at Synergaize is to synergize human expertise with AI in order to help businesses harness the power of AI in their SEO and marketing efforts.

Your place to harness AI

This blog will be your place to track the latest practical developments in AI with a particular focus on marketing, SEO, and content creation.

We hope you join us on our mission to become the leading experts on how AI can boost your marketing efforts.

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Credit: The artwork for this blog was created by Dall-E.

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