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Our top 10 AI predictions for 2023

It is a month today since ChatGPT was released and it has already become the fastest-growing app of all time, passing a million users in just five days.

We’re rapidly waking up to the fact that AI is going to reshape our world. Here’s what we should be prepared for in 2023.

1. Teachers’ lives will never be the same again

Overnight ChatGPT changed the concept of homework forever, allowing children everywhere to turn in passable work at the click of a button by simply pasting in their questions and letting ChatGPT write the answers.

2. Online exams are going to disappear

ChatGPT doesn’t just ace homework assignments. Given the bar exam and medical board exams, it passes both with flying colors. In-person exams are set to come back with a vengeance.

3. Codeless programming is going to explode

ChatGPT has proved to be a proficient engineer, writing working applications instantly on the first attempt.

4. Many jobs are going to become much easier

ChatGPT isn’t going to replace lawyers and software engineers, but it will make their jobs easier.

5. Prepare for an explosion of innovation

While an AI isn’t going to be replacing your doctor, it is rapidly increasing the speed of drug discovery and technological innovation. As AI’s attack hard problems the rate of innovation is set to go into warp speed.

Expect a big increase in the rate of major scientific breakthroughs.

6. Get ready for an explosion of misinformation

While AI produces accurate information some of the time, it can’t be relied upon and often gets things badly wrong, this means it isn’t going to replace highly qualified professionals any time soon.

There will undoubtedly be cases where AI-generated content with major inaccuracies is unintentionally published into the wild without proper fact-checking.

7. Say goodbye to grunt work

AI is very good at eliminating grunt work, get ready to kiss goodbye to dull repetitive tasks.

8. Marketing is about to get supercharged

A key area AI will be used is marketing, AI is perfectly suited to aid ideation and generation of marketing copy.

Marketing and advertising copy is typically created in multiple versions and A/B tested through ongoing iterations before the optimal ad copy is identified.

This process must be undergone on an ongoing basis to prevent fatigue. Ad fatigue is when your audience becomes familiar with your ads and loses interest and stops engaging.

This task is tedious for humans to do at scale, but perfectly suited for an AI to assist with, the ROI on this simple task is huge.

9. AI is going to fuel an SEO arms race

One of the biggest areas of low-hanging fruit for businesses is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). This is the process where businesses use search data to optimize their websites to climb the Google ranking.

AI is rapidly revolutionizing the SEO industry, making laborious SEO optimizations far more powerful and efficient.

In our jobs as marketers, we’ve been using AI-powered SEO tools for some time now and it’s proven to be a massive productivity and results booster.

The next generation of AI is leaps and bounds ahead of existing tools, and marketing is the space we see AI making some of the most outsized gains in the near term.

10. Businesses that adopt AI will grow rapidly, those that fail to evolve will slowly die

Those that successfully harness AI will succeed, staying visible and relevant on search engine results pages, and with ads that are able to keep converting over time.

Those that don’t use AI to power their SEO and PPC activities will find it hard to compete.

11. The speed of change will surprise almost everyone

And one for luck… AI is going through a period of exponential growth. We humans tend to think linearly and underestimate the implications of an exponential growth curve. But in a post-COVID world, there is no excuse for not being prepared for another exponential.

Just like COVID, the AI explosion is going to shake up a lot of industries, but unlike COVID, the AI explosion is going to be permanent.

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